Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella
Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella
Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella
Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella
Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella
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Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella

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Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella

Great for spectator sports, weddings, or other special occasions, the Fulton Invertor Automatic Clear Inversion Umbrella is the umbrella to shield you from the weather without a compromised field of view. The high-quality and see-through PVC canopy is protective while improving your visibility, and if that's not enough, its clever inward folding design, allows for opening in tight spaces and keeps the umbrella dry after usage.

Key Information

  • Colour: Clear
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Weight: 590g (approx.)
  • Closed Length: 79cm
  • Canopy Span: 104cm
  • Canopy Material: PVC

Key Features and Benefits

  • Invertible umbrella is easy to open in tight spaces
  • Inward folding keeps the umbrella dry after usage
  • Lightweight and flexible fibreglass frame is extra strong
  • PVC material cover keeps out every drop of rain
  • See-through canopy provides greater visibility
  • Crook-handle provides comfy and secure grip
  • Closes automatically at the push of a button

Where Can I Use the Fulton Invertor Clear Umbrella?

With a protective PVC canopy and strong fibreglass frame, the Fulton Clear Umbrella is suitable for use in wet and windy conditions. The special feature of this unique umbrella is its inverted design, which makes it especially useful for transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Invertible Design

The unique invertible design makes the Fulton Invertor far more convenient than a typical umbrella. If you're in a car and want to open the umbrella inside before stepping out into the rain, that is now possible with this innovative umbrella. Folding the umbrella inwards also helps keep the umbrella dry after it's been used.

Fulton Invertor in Action
Opens By Pulling For Easy Use In Tight Space

Transparent PVC Canopy

The Fulton Invertor has a see-through PVC canopy to avoid restricting your field of view. This allows you to see clearly in front of you without sacrificing protection. This distinctive feature is fun as well as practical, as it allows you to sit and watch the raindrops race down the canopy.

How Much Protection Does the Fulton Invertor PVC Umbrella Provide?

Made from PVC material, the Fulton Invertor keeps out 100% of water droplets. Providing 104cm of coverage, there is plenty of room for people of all sizes to stay sheltered underneath the canopy.

Is This Fulton Umbrella Wind-Resistant?

Made with hard-wearing fibreglass material, the Fulton Invertor offers a high level of wind-resistance. In addition, the inverting mechanism allows the umbrella to invert in the wind without breaking, meaning it will last for longer and won't leave you stuck without protection.

Automatic Closing Action

As an added bonus, the Fulton Invertor closes automatically with the press of a button. This handy feature makes it easier and quicker to fold the umbrella the instant you step out of the rain.

Why Choose Fulton?

Since their founding in 1956, Fulton have grown to become the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear in the UK. With a well-earned reputation for quality, innovation and style, Fulton are the proud suppliers of the Royal Household. Their long-standing British heritage is recognised across the world thanks to their dedication to the highest standards of quality and design.


  • Canopy: PVC
  • Frame: Fibreglass

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