Our Best Umbrellas 2024

On this page, we've collected our latest and greatest guides to help you find the best umbrellas out there. Our product experts are constantly consulting with designers and manufacturers to make sure we're highlighting the most useful and stylish umbrellas money can buy. These are our favourites, and we're sure you'll love them too!

Best Black Umbrellas 2024

Black never goes out of fashion and neither does a black umbrella. With options for men and women ranging from ultra-compact folding umbrellas to extra-large golf umbrellas, we're sure we have a stylish and reliable black umbrella for you.

Best Ladies' Umbrellas 2024

For the fashion-conscious lady who knows how to be ready for whatever the UK's unpredictable weather has in store, the right Ladies' Umbrella is more than just a practical necessity. Read on to see our most elegant and practical selections.

Best Umbrellas for Men 2024

The charming style provided by a gentleman's umbrella can't be overstated, offering practical sophistication that confidently ties together any outfit. We've put together our favourites that work well with an evening suit, winter jacket or even a practical raincoat.